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Honest Advice from Trusted Professionals

Masked Manager is a unique community of medical professionals designed to help the next generation of doctors reach their fullest potential. Now you can get honest, no-nonsense career advice from our "anonymous" medical professionals.


Sign up today and advance your career with real advice from real people.

How It Works


Sign Up

Sign up to be part of our beta mentorship program. 



Find a Mentor you think could help you grow your career.



Schedule a meeting where you can get honest advice.

Why are they "Masked"?

It might seem strange to design a mentorship website where you don't actually know who you're getting advice from but, trust us, it works. When our mentors are free to give advice without judgment in an environment where our mentees don't have to feel nervous or intimidated. 

Our 30 minute mentorship sessions are designed to get you the advice you need to take your career to the next level.


For Mentors

Giving back can be one of the most rewarding experiences in one's professional life. Is there something you wish your younger self would have known? Have you seen candidates struggling through interviews and wanted to help? Do you want a way get to know potential job candidates outside of the normal recruitment process? Now is your chance!

When you sign up, you'll be contacted by one of our industry professionals to discuss your background. Once approved, you'll be put into our database, you can set your availability, and mentees can set up a time to meet. Your personal information will always be anonymous so you can speak your mind without fear of personal or professional repercussions. 

For Mentees

Have you ever wanted a forum to ask questions that was free from professional constraints? Masked Manager is here for you. Our unique approach to mentorship gives you access to qualified medical professionals who can help you advance your career...even if you don't know who they are!

All you have to do is search through our database of medical professionals. Once you've found someone you like, schedule a time to meet with them and pick their brains. Get honest advice about school, residencies, applications, networking, companies and more. It could be the most important 30 minutes of your professional career!

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