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About Masked Manager

Masked Manager was founded on the idea that when you create an environment that allows for the free flow of ideas people will ask better questions and people will be willing to give more honest advice. Every year thousands of medical students can't find a residency for a variety of reasons. Sometimes they don't have the interview skills. Sometimes they're not prepared for the right types of questions. Sometimes they're not looking in the right spot for jobs. And sometimes, they're intimidated to reach out the people who can help them the most. Our "anonymous" mentors are all vetted medical professionals who have been personally interviewed by our team to make sure they are the right fit. So how does it work?


For Mentors:

If you are a medical professional who wants to give advice to the next generation of students,  you can sign up to be a mentor. We will contact you to discuss your background and once you're approved you'll be part of our mentor list and students can contact you for advice.

For Mentees:

Look through our list of qualified mentors and find someone whose qualifications resonate with you. Then, find a time that works for both of you and schedule a meeting. You'll have 30 minutes to pick your mentors brain to get real advice about how you can advance your career. 

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